From Felix

I am proudly presenting this free Series I “Music & Beyond” Summer Concert, to reach a wide range of audiences including five school districts, with twenty-five schools. I have played classical music since I was six, but never thought about what was the purpose to play piano until the Haiti earthquake: deceased bodies piled up without attention and were devoured by insects, while the kids my age were standing at the site showed no emotion, no disturbance, with flies resting on their dirty faces… The images of the Haiti earthquake reflected in my mind and haunted me constantly. When I walked into my regular private piano lesson classroom with two large concert pianos sitting in front of me, my heart sank and saddened. Not far from the classroom, people suffered in such a horrific tragedy, living in hellish conditions, while I dressed up, learning classical music. I felt the pain the Haitians felt. I asked myself again and again what I could do to help. I suddenly realized it was no longer my personal achievement just to play piano, and I strongly believed that I carry a huge social responsibility to use my god-given talent. I am determined to share my music with as many as I could reach. Especially young kids, who may have never access to classical music, in order to let them experience the beauty of classical music. To give them joy and peace, to comfort their hearts in their profound grief, and to let them build up their own paradises in their hearts even in such a contrast to the reality of the world. I have worked very hard ever since, to prepare and to present this Series I “ Music & Beyond” concert, and I plan to present a Series II concert,… and even a Series #100 in the future to reach out to more kids.

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Special Thanks to Mr. Jeff Lavner

Felix Played at Year-End Colburn Honor Recital, tributed to KUSC 91.5FM Radio

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